Intro to Competition


Class consists of two days on the range and will introduce the student to the competitive action shooting sport of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA).

The first day of class will cover safety, equipment, and general rules of the sport.  There will also be some basic live fire drills to prepare for shooting USPSA stages of fire.

The second day will be participating in a USPSA club match (5 to 6 stages of fire).  Practical Edge Instructors will coach each student through the match based on their individual skill level.

Class is intended for shooters already possessing safe gun handling & basic shooting skills.  The focus is for first time or fairly new to USPSA shooters looking to shoot a match under the guidance of our coaching staff.  Class does not teach introductory shooting skills.

All range and match fees are included in tuition.  We will meet at 9am each day and plan for about 5 hours on the range each day.