Handgun Cleaning Class

Our Handgun Cleaning class is a two hour in person instructional class on the basics of cleaning your handgun.  The class will begin with an overview of cleaning procedures followed by you performing the cleaning of your handgun under the guidance of our staff.

This class is intended for the gun owner who is looking for hands-on instruction and the direct experience of how to properly disassemble, clean, lube, and reassemble your handgun.  Your handgun, which you will bring to class, needs to be a modern semi-auto that is a common brand & model.  You will learn how to safely field strip, clean, and reassemble your gun.  Cleaning tools, solvents, and lubricants will be covered in a simplified manner.

We are asked often if our classes teach gun care and disassembly.  Due to the differences in firearms and student knowledge, we do not cover this in our other classes.  We offer this as a stand-alone class for those who want in-person instruction on the cleaning process.

Students provide their own firearm for class, and it’s fine to arrive with it dirty as you’ll be leaving with it clean.  Your firearm needs to be unloaded and in safe working condition.  All cleaning materials are provided for your use at class.