Basic Firearm Safety


Two hours of classroom instruction on firearms safety and information to educate the student on gun ownership and firearm responsibility.  The firearm topics covered include basic safety and handling, children, secure gun storage, suicide prevention, and information on State and Federal laws.  Class includes time allotted for student questions.

This is a firearm safety course that meets the requirements of Washington law to purchase semi-auto rifles.   Students will receive a certificate upon completion.

By initiative, the State of Washington has enacted new firearm laws that went into effect 2019.  This creates many new regulation for the purchase and ownership of firearms.  One of the regulation is that a certification of basic firearm training must be provided to purchase a semi-auto rifle.  The regualtions specify who can provide this training and what topics are covered.

We fully acknowledge and appreciate that the Initiative has been challenged through the courts and that the regulations of the law might change.  We also acknowledge that the legal language is vague in areas leaving room for legal definition.  Our training, that provides the certification to meet regulations, was devleoped with our best understanding of the language and requiremenst of the current law.


  • Students must be legally able to possess a firearm.
  • Intended for adult students ages 18 and older. 
  • Valid identification required to receive certification. 

Student Supplies:

  • Note taking material
  • Valid State identification

Tuition - Free / In partnership with Ranch and Home, Kennewick - Contact Ranch and Home for registration (509-737-1996)