Junior Clinic, April 18th-April 26th.


Junior Clinic will introduce the student to handgun fundamentals with a strong emphasis on the safe handling of firearms.  In addition to learning firearm safety and gaining skill experience, the junior will be introduced to the competitive shooting sports.

The Clinic is a three-session training series concluding with participation in a competitive shooting match.  The first session is on the range starting with plastic demo guns, progressing to provided .22 pistols & ammo, and transitioning to center-fire handguns. The following session will build shooting skills as we prepare to participate in a competitive match.  The last session will be shooting a match that consists of several stages of fire.  The shooting sport format is used to present a healthy shooting activity for juniors.

The Clinic is intended for junior shooters ages 12 through 17.  We have allowed younger, just need parents that are confident their child is physically capable and mature enough to handle firearms.


  • Legally able to possess & physically able to safely handle a firearm.
  • Parent/Guardian must be present with student for entire class.
  • Waiver of Liability to be signed at start of the session.
  • No previous shooting experience is required.

Student & Parent Supplies:

  • Eye & Ear protection for both Junior Shooter & Parent(s)
  • Pistol, 9mm or larger caliber, enough magazines to have 40 rounds available
  • Belt holster and magazine pouches
  • Several sets of full gear are available for rent
  • 200 rounds of practice ammo per session

Class Dates:

  • April 18th 10am-1pm, Kennewick
  • April 25th 10am-1pm, Kennewick
  • April 26th 10am, Sun Valley Shooting Park Moxee

 Class Cancelation/Refund Policy:

Payment is required to register.  Refund, minus any card processing fee, with at least two week notice.  Cancelations with shorter notice are nonrefundable.  Class cancelation by Practical Edege for any reason will be rescheduled or refunded at student's preference.

Any question please contact us at 509-987-2303 or via email at info@PracticalEdge.com

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April 18th - April 26th, Junior Clinic

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