Junior Shooting Clinic


The Clinic is a half-day live fire class for juniors interested in shooting, ages 12-17.  Instruction is led by our Junior Team coaching staff with assistance from our Junior Team Athletes.

Class will focus on introducing the junior shooter to handgun fundamentals with a strong emphasis on the safe handling of firearms.

Training will be conducted using .22 rimfire pistols and transition into 9mm center fire using target systems utilized by the Practical Edge Junior Team.  Training equipment will be provided to each student to include the firearms and ammunition utilized at the class.  We do a lot of shooting at the clinic.  This is a great value considering the gun use and ammo shot.

- $125 / includes firearm and ammunition provided

Presented in Partnership with Browning, MGM Targets, & Springfield Armory


  • Waiver of Liability to be signed at start of class.
  • Junior students, needs to be old & mature enough to handle a firearm (normally 12-17)


Student Supplies:

  • Eye protection (clear safety glasses recommended)
  • Ear protection (double protection recommended, foam plugs and ear muffs) 


Class Cancelation/Refund Policy:

Payment is required to register.  Refund with at least two week notice.  Cancelations with shorter notice are nonrefundable.  Class cancelation by Practical Edege for any reason will be rescheduled or refunded at student's preference.

Please select a class date and location below. Any question please contact us at 509-987-2303 or via email at info@PracticalEdge.com