AR15 Rifle/Carbine


The Practical Edge student will transfer skills taught from handgun training to the AR15 rifle system.  This is an intensive, high round count, shooting skill development course. Topics will include function, maintenance, current market trends, accessories, and shooting skill development.  The majority of training time will be devoted to live fire instruction.  Class is a two day range course.  There will be a lunch break each day. 


  • Successful completion of Practical Defense & Practical Handgun
  • Current State Concealed Weapon Permit (will need to present at class)
  • Waiver of Liability to be signed during registration at start of the session. 
  • Valid ID required (i.e. State ID/Drivers license)
  • On line registrations that do not meet above will not be allowed to attend/no refund 

Student Supplies:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • AR15 Rifle/Carbine
  • 1,00 rounds of ammunition for rifle
  • Minimum of 3 high round count magazines (more is better)
  • Cleaning kit for your rifle

Note: Your AR-15 needs to be of legal configuration and able to safely handle high round count drills.  Class is intended for rifle caliber (.223/5.56) carbines.  Targets will range from contact distance out to at least 100 yards, and your sighting system needs to be able to accommodate that.  Iron sights, red-dot optic, 1X optics, or magnified with secondary close distance sights all work.

Class Cancelation/Refund Policy:

Due to class seating being limitied, payment is required to register.  We will gladly provide student reschedule or refund with at least two week notice.  Cancelations with shorter notice are nonrefundable.  Class cancelation by Practical Edge for any reason will be refunded.

Please select a class date and location below. Any question please contact us at 509-987-2303 or via email at